How can you help CTAP?

CTAP is a publicly-supported organization that relies on contributions from the public to keep our lights on and our servers online. Cash contributions are the most straightforward way to support our operations, but if you have something else in mind, please let us know!

Does your employer match contributions? It's worth it (to us!) to find out. CTAP should already be listed in any matching service/database your employer uses; if not, let us know!

Magnify your magnanimity with matching!

Donate Online

We will happily accept donations online via credit/debit cards. Click on a button to make a one-time contribution.

Online donations are processed through Stripe. Your card information will only ever be seen by Stripe's servers.

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Donate by Check

We will also happily accept an old-fashioned paper check made out to and mailed to:

Center for Transparent Analysis and Policy
P.O. Box 13482
Portland, OR 97213

Please include a return address (postal or email) so that we can send you your tax receipt!

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